Friday, December 17, 2004

Welcome to RealClimate

RealClimate is a blog run by climate scientists commenting on the latest information and misinformation about climate. So far it looks like they are more than on top of things as a quick-response squad for the climate team. A blog member has already managed to order, read and critique Michael Crichton's new novel, "State of Fear," which is based on the notion that global warming is being overhyped and maybe isn't happening at all. While it's a piece of fiction, it includes a brief essay by Crichton in the back and has many footnotes as well.

The commenter gives Crichton a pretty nice spanking (in a scientific kind of way) about the book's misleading and downright inaccurate information conveyed by the fiction and the nonfiction parts of the book. He even tells us that he met with Crichton while the author was preparing the book and feels that he must have failed to convey the true state of knowledge on global warming.

I haven't read to the book yet. But I am glad to leave it to the climate team at RealClimate to evaluate it. I look forward to more good things from this blog.

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Gindy said...

We come at things from a different perspective. But, I like reading different perspectives. Nice site.