Thursday, November 04, 2004

All wet about mad cow?

In a comment on a post last week entitled Why no mad cow testing of U. S. beef imports to Japan? a reader explained that the presumed cause of mad cow, errant prions in the brain, is problematic and unproven. He suggested a visit to the site of an organic British cattle farmer who has been doing work on the causes of neurodegenerative disease for years.

Mark Purdey believes that a combination of diet difficiencies, toxic exposure to metals (particularly manganese), ultra-violet radiation, ultrasonic exposure and other factors contribute to a wide range of neuro-degenerative diseases such as mad cow. In perusing the site I was unable to find a single article that succinctly summarized the current state of his research, however.

Purdey appears to have traveled all over the world investigating hot spots for neuro-degenerative disease among animals and humans. And, he has gathered quite a bit of anecdotal evidence that seems to support his claims based on analyses of soil (pasture and cropland) and industrial pollution. Much of his findings have been published in several journals, though he is widely ridiculed by establishment scientists.

My reader explained that Purdey's theory explains something that the current prion theory of infection does not. Why do none of the traditional methods of ridding materials of disease such as heat, radiation, and disinfectants eliminate mad cow from the brains of infected cattle? Purdey would say that's because the causative agent is the metals which, in an altered energy state, are associated with the disease. They are unaffected by those treatments and pass into the bodies of humans and animals who consume them.

The upshot is that you have to have a copper deficiency yourself AND eat so-called "infected" matter (which could just as well be grass as animal brains) containing supercharged metal ions (particularly manganese) to be at risk for disease. Check your copper levels, my reader advises.

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