Sunday, September 02, 2012

Resource Insights to be featured regularly on The Christian Science Monitor; What it means for current RI readers

Starting next week posts from Resource Insights will be regularly featured in The Christian Science Monitor on its new "Energy Voices" blog. The highly respected Monitor has a century-long tradition of reasoned, thoughtful journalism which has earned it seven Pulitzer Prizes and many other awards. Its global reach--it stations writers in 11 countries--will bring a large new audience in contact with my work. Most of these new readers, however, will not have the background on energy and resource issues that I have been presuming my current readers do. If I provide no preparation for these new readers, it will be as if they are entering a theater in the middle of a play without knowing any of the preceding action.

Therefore, in an effort to introduce key concepts and ideas to this new audience, I am undertaking a six-part series that will in most cases revisit ground I've already covered. The first installment of that series will be posted this evening to allow ample preparation time for next week's debut of the Monitor's "Energy Voices" blog. While those of you who have been reading me for a relatively short time may find this series a useful refresher, others who are longtime readers may find it occasionally elementary.

I ask current readers to indulge me for the time being because I feel it is critical that this vast new audience be introduced to concepts and ideas that will allow it to catch up quickly. When the series is complete, I will resume my search for new perspectives on the themes of resource depletion, climate change and related topics, hopeful that new readers at The Christian Science Monitor will be able to follow my thinking as readily as longtime readers do now.

Thanks to all of you who read my work regularly. I consistently find your comments and emails thought-provoking and gratifying. Over the next few weeks I ask you to join me in welcoming the readers of The Christian Science Monitor to Resource Insights.

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