Sunday, March 13, 2005

Who needs Rush Limbaugh...

...when you have Nicholas Kristof. That's the question that Grist's Dave Roberts asks when this ostensibly liberal New York Times columnist trashes the environmental movement. Our environmental problems are too deep and too critical to pretend that the message needs to be less urgent. It is as if a person (symbolizing the environmental movement) is travelling in a plane (the biosphere and the economy) that is headed for a crash landing. She informs the passengers and crew that she has calculated that the plane needs to change course right away to avoid a crash. She is ignored and then ridiculed because no crash occurs. She checks her calculations and then once again warns that a crash is imminent, apologizing for not getting the exact timing right. The pilot informs her that his sleek new plane and its advanced instruments indicate clear sailing ahead. Besides, his plane is now traveling at the highest speed at which it has ever traveled. "How can there be a problem if we're breaking new speed and performance records?" he asks.

(Via Sustainablog.)

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