Monday, October 11, 2010

Prelude, my peak oil novel, coming soon

Many of my readers already know that I have completed a peak oil-themed novel entitled Prelude. I am now engaged in the final preparations before publication. I expect the book to be available within weeks. If you'd like to follow the progress of Prelude, you can check out the website periodically or you can subscribe to the email updates. Two excerpts from the book have already been posted.

I wrote Prelude in hopes of reaching a much wider audience than is typically possible through blogs, articles and nonfiction books. I believe I've produced not only an engaging tale, but also a tool for activists to use to spread the word about the challenges of peak oil.

Naturally, I'll be posting here and on the book website as developments proceed.


The North Coast said...

Ahhh, you, too, have written a Peak Oil novel, one with a less likely and more interesting plot.

Are we all writing peak oil novels? I am, and mine also won't read anything like "World Made By Hand", either.

The approach of this watershed in the life of our civilization caused me to revisit novels of the past that projected the collapse of our civilization and the lives of the survivors.

I reread one of my favorites, Octavia Butler's "The Parable of the Sower", the story of an intelligent young woman left bereft of family and home, and attempting to survive and build a community based on humane values amidst the violence and insanity of post-collapse California.

And now I'm rereading Russell Hoban's "Ridley Walker", the story of a young village shaman and his, and his neighbors', efforts to reconstruct a viable society in the far future, when our current civilization and its artifacts and knowledge are rubble.

I eagerly await your vision of the post-oil future. Will you offer for sale as a PDF download?

Kurt Cobb said...

North Coast,

I say the more the better. I look forward to reading your novel when it is finished. We need as many stories out there as we can get. Thanks for sharing what you're now reading.

No PDF version of Prelude is planned, but it will be available on Kindle and as a softcover volume.

Alexander Ac said...

Hi Curt,

nice to meet you personally! I wish you good luck with the novel and writing in general!

Kind regards,

Claus Geiger said...

Hi Kurt, greetings from Germany. Hope your novel will be shipped to us. I've read two peak oil novels of Eva Marbach. They can be read in the Internet as PDF because information about Peak Oil seems to be very important for Eva Marbach. The title of her second novel is: Peak oil reloaded. Sounds English but Idoubt that her novels have been translated:
Best wishes Claus

Kurt Cobb said...

Thanks, Claus, for the information. As for Prelude, we are contemplating an international edition in English that will be more readily available outside the United States. Please check out the Prelude website periodically for updates.