Monday, October 15, 2007

See you at the ASPO and Community Solutions conferences

I will be attending the Houston World Oil Conference this week (October 17-20) and then the U. S. Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions (October 26-28) the following week. I always like to meet readers. If you are attending either conference, please look for me. During this time I will post the last two installments of my four-part series on Willits. (See first two parts below.)


Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in hearing a little "cultural anthropology" on the various Peak Oil sub-groups you meet, and the ways they interact.

In particular (here I set the cat among the pigeons) I'd be interested in any codependency between "peak oil" and "doomer" sub-groups.

Aaron said...

Hi Kurt,

I happened across your most recent article while reading some things on the Energy Bulletin web site. Looks like your Willits articles will be worth reading. Nice meeting you again in Yellow Springs.


Aaron Wissner
Local Future Network

Value System: Gas Prices, Money, Peak Oil and The Future