Friday, August 03, 2007

Note to readers

The post below will be my only post in August. I am taking a temporary hiatus from posting new articles until September. I will be in California for much of the time between now and then. From August 4 through August 10 I will be attending the Ecological Society of America annual conference in San Jose where I will spend my first day as a panelist for a workshop entitled "Ecosystems as templates for sustainable communities." If you are a reader and attending the conference, I'd love to meet you. Please look me up. From August 11 through August 16 I will be in Willits, California looking at the Willits Economic Localization (WELL) project firsthand. If you are a reader in the Willits area and involved in this project or other projects relating to sustainability, I would like to speak with you. You can call the WELL office which will be helping me to coordinate meetings with local residents at (707) 459-7076.

Have a pleasant August!

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