Sunday, June 05, 2005

Can we move from clueless to concerned?

James Howard Kunstler is out storming the nation hawking his new book, The Long Emergency, a tale of post peak oil woe. His favorite word on the tour seems to be "clueless." My father called me to tell me about an interview with Kunstler on C-SPAN's Book TV. The word "clueless" kept popping out of the receiver. And, that is the theme of Kunstler's latest blog entry, "Still Clueless." In the Book TV interview, Kunstler indicated that The Long Emergency is already in its third printing after being released only a few weeks ago. Can James Howard Kunstler somehow transform the American nation from one that is clueless into one that is concerned?

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Anonymous said...

Well, Kunstler's certainly giving it a full-out try! More power to him. 3rd printing within a month is great, particularly since there have been few reviews of the book, so word is spreading primarily by 'word of mouth'.

So there must be some people 'out there' who are getting interested. I find that among people I know, there are clued-in ones whom I never suspected were clued-in until they dropped a remark here or there.

Admittedly, 'on the street', I look at most people and sense "They have NO idea that this way of life is about to undergo a long emergency." --Cameron

Anonymous said...

I just finished Kunstler's book last night and started Simmons' 'Twilight in the Desert' today. Hat tip to Barnes & Noble for stocking both -- especially considering the Simmons book is hot off the press. They also had Richard Heinberg's "Powerdown," though I'd recommend going back and reading "The Party's Over" first.

Other recommendation to readers: Anything written by Michael T. Klare, from "Rogue States and Nucluear Outlaws" to "Resource Wars."

I enjoy your blog. Keep going!