Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The jig is up

The biotech industry has long contended that GMO foods are identical to regular ones and so require no safety testing. If that's so, why did Monsanto test its own GMO corn? And, why, European officials are asking, did the company not provide the full results? The answer is now out. The feeding studies done by Monsanto showed problems with abnormal development of kidneys and changes in the blood that showed immune system damage.

If companies producing GMO seeds don't even believe their own statements that there is no need to test GMO crops for safety, why should we believe anything else they tell us?

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monkeygrinder said...

Well, thank goodness for Europe.

In the U.S., our markets our saturated with this GMO crud, mostly intended to force farmers to pay a license to grow crop, where before they could maintain stocks of seed corn.